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Custom Auto Radio has everything you need to upgrade your car stereo, speakers, and sound in your ride. If you're looking to add a new subwoofer to your car or get more power with an amplifier, you'll be able to do so quickly and affordably with our curated, organized list of products.

On top of these services above, we also service and replace OEM audio and display parts. After doing this for many years we have come across some models that tend to have reoccurring issues. Take a look at the list of vehicles below to see if your vehicles audio display system has one of these issues. 

For any questions or concerns call Rick at 905 668 2668.



2008 - 2017 Dodge Caravan & Jeep

P05091301AC - NO AUDIO

AM / FM / CD

2013 - 2018 Cadillac CUE System

Spider Cracks & No Touch Screen Functionality 


2012 - 2015 Ford

AM / FM / CD - No Display

CTIT - I8C869-AB

2012 - 2014 F150

AM/FM/CD No Face


If you don't see your make or model but are experiencing issues with your audio or display, we are here to help! Call Rick in service to get support 905 668 2668.

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